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British Politics

British Politics

Political Ideas


Direct Democracy

Representative Democracy

Liberal Democracy

British Citizenship

Legitimacy and Power


Civil Liberties

Party Systems

Political Parties

The British Constitution

First Past the Post

British General Elections

Proportional Representation

Other Electoral Systems


The Electoral Commission of 2001

The Executive in British Politics

The Royal Prerogative

The Queen's Speech

The Cabinet

The House of Commons

The Civil Service

Civil Service Reforms

Decision making in government

How laws are made in Great Britain

The Whips and the Whipping System

Constitutional Reform 1990 to 2001

Pressure Groups

The House of Lords

Planned reforms to the House of Lords

The Wakeham Report

Reform of the Lords 2007

The Lords Temporal

The Lords Spiritual

The Law Lords

The Lord Chancellor

The Judiciary

Judicial Independence

Judicial Neutrality

Judicial Supremacy


Scotland and Devolution

Key dates for the SNP

Scottish Parliament Election 2007

Wales and Devolution

Key Dates for Plaid Cymru

Northern Ireland Assembly election 2003

Arguments for devolution

Current Devolved Parliaments

2009 European Parliament elections

A History of the European Union and Great Britain

The European Iron and Steel Community

The Treaty of Rome

The institutions of the European Union

The European Commission

What are the arguments for and against joining the Euro

The Euro

The Five Tests

The European Union Constitution

The European Reform Treaty

Members of the European Union

Members of the European Parliament

The EU President

How sovereign is the United Kingdom?

Does the European Union undermine British sovereignty?

The Labour Party and Iraq

GB v USA general elections

The 1997 General Election

The 2001 British General Election

The 2005 British General Election

2010 General Election

2010 General Election Result

2010 Coalition Cabinet

The Euro

The EU President